A Foundation Model for precision medicine in radiology

Advancing precision medicine by promoting access to imaging biomarkers

Our vision

Our vision

Advancing precision medicine by promoting access to imaging biomarkers through a dedicated AI-native interactive platform.

  • Multimodality

    Multimodality means the model can handle several types of inputs (text, image, sound etc). For example, the latest version of ChatGPT can support both images and texts.

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  • Foundation Models

    They are trained on very large general datasets, with a method called Self-Supervised Learning (SSL). Contrary to classic supervised models, they are not limited to one task, and can perform a bunch of downstream medical analysis (imaging biomarkers).

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Our team

A strong experience in AI and Medicine


  • Kurma Partners

    Kurma Partners

    Our lead investor
  • Paris Biotech Santé

    Paris Biotech Santé

    Our incubator
  • Centre d'imagerie du Nord

    Centre d'imagerie du Nord

    Access to a large retrospective real world dataset of medical images
  • Bpi France

    Bpi France

    Deeptech grants
  • APHP


    Paris public hospital
  • MATWIN program

    MATWIN program

    Accelerator dedicated to oncology
  • 21st by Centrale Supélec

    21st by Centrale Supélec

    Incubator, assistance to business development
  • Medicen


    Industry consortium


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